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Leigh Giangreco/Freelance Journalist

As a freelance journalist, I was struggling not only with my job search but with my brand. Deborah took the time to talk to me about my personal narrative and with that, helped me craft a compelling cover letter. Not only did she create an eye-catching pitch with a new format, she brought out my unique voice that was missing from my previously dry letter. Deborah also gave a sharp diagnosis of my interviewing skills, she’s a quick and indispensable talent.

B.J./Activist, Madison, WI

Politics and policy always fascinated me, especially after I graduated from the University of Wisconsin. The B.A. degree didn’t get me far, so I earned a Masters in Public Policy. My goal: landing a job with a think tank or public advocacy group in Washington, D.C. I thought my resume alone would work. No dice. My wife said my cover letters were uninspired, so Harry Jaffe wrote a new one.  Written with energy and focused on my skills as they applied to individual organizations, the new pitch letters opened many doors. Now I am headed off to DC to work for an environmental group.

L.J./Editor, San Francisco

I had been searching for work for more than a year, after my dream job as a magazine editor fell victim to digital media. I am a gifted writer and experienced editor, yet I could not land the right job. After failing to get in the door at publications and public relations firms, I wondered if something was amiss in my pitch letters. Harry Jaffe reviewed them, pointed out the problems and offered to fix them. He took over, and within a month I had interviews with a half dozen prospective employers. One publication hired me, and I have another dream job.

P.L./Business Owner, Washington, DC

I wanted to grow my construction company into the development zone, but I couldn’t convince any property owners to do business with me, because I was unproven. Once I found the ideal property, Harry Jaffe wrote a pitch letter to the property owner that introduced me, my company and described in perfect terms my plans for the development. His letter got me in the door and led to the signing of a contract for my first full-scale development deal.

B.Z./Recent College Grad: NYC

Deborah Gallant was instrumental in helping me not only find a job but get clarity in my career goals and aspirations. Deborah’s dedicated, intelligent, detailed, and friendly manner helped me achieve my goals. She is excellent at what she does and knows how to get to the center of every issue!

H.S./Business Owner: Woodmere, NY

Deborah Gallant has written many powerful and effective pitch letters and proposals for my company. Her input has helped me expand my business and clientele by connecting with organizations and  donors on a professional, sophisticated level.

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