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Need a dazzling letter to land that job or contract?

You’ve found the right place:  We write a personalized letter in your voice.

You can see your goal:

  • The dream job.
  • The grant that will fuel your organization’s growth.
  • The venture capital funds to finance the birth of your business.
  • The book or movie you know will be a winner.
  • The recipe that will convince a publisher to back your cookbook.

You want to reach new heights:

  • You need media coverage for your business, idea or cause.
  • Maybe you are an artist applying for a juried show or a residency in Berlin.
  • You are a physician hoping to join a new practice.
  • Perhaps you are a scientist or mathematician trying to land a professorship.

You’ve paid your dues, built a strong foundation and bring a CV that will impress every recruiter.  But how will you write a convincing pitch letter that will get you through the door? Past that first hurdle? On top of the stack?

harry pic 4That’s where we can help. Our staff of writers at PitchLetters.com works with you to write a compelling, personal letter to showcase your talents and strengths. It will draw the reader in with a unique pitch.

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